Monday, April 16, 2012

~{ Miracle Babies & a Miracle Family}~

Everyday, there are thousands of babies who are born way to early or very sick.  Their precious little bodies fighting for their lives. Struggling to breathe, eat & survive. Each of these babies are such a blessing & shouldn't have to fight for their lives---at least not alone.

This past year I was blessed to have met such a family. The Schut family contacted me late last summer about doing a family photo session for them. When I heard they were a family with triplets, I was so excited & quite nervous (3 little ones all around 2yrs old--I wanted to make sure I captured those great shots). Upon arriving at our location (Mom (Lauren) had a chose a field filled with Queen Anne's lace)& I got to meet the trio of cuteness--Brookelyn, Blake & Austin. Such beautiful kiddos & you would have never guessed that just 2yrs earlier, these precious little ones were fighting for their lives.

September 14, 2009--Brookelyn, Blake & Austin were born 11 weeks early. Austin was 3lbs 1oz, Brookelyn was 2lb 15oz & Blake was 2lb 6oz & their parents Eric & Lauren could not be more in love. These little ones still had a battle--but with lots of faith, hope & love they beat the odds & are the most adorable, playful & healthy 2 1/2yrs old you will meet.

I am absolutely honored that I was able to capture such precious memories for this amazing family, meet Austin, Blake & Brookelyn...& make special friends along the way. I am also so excited to share with you a great honor that has been bestowed on Eric & Lauren. This year they have been chosen as the ambassador family for the Grand Rapids MI March for Babies (March of Dimes)!!! They could not have chose a better family!

  Here is a little comment from Lauren
: "Eric and I are honored be the ambassador family for the GR March for Babies this year! On April 28, we will be walking to support the March of Dimes which funds research to help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. Austin, Brookelyn, and Blake were born 11 weeks too early, and have faced many challenges because of being born so early. Our babies have personally experienced the benefits of research that the March of Dimes has funded. We also received wonderful support from the March of Dimes NICU Family Support Program while our babies were in the hospital."

"We would love to have you join us at the walk! If you are unable to walk with us, please consider making a secure online donation to this wonderful organization. You can do this by clicking the link below -- it will take you right to our team's page! Thank you so much!"
Here is the link to make a donation:March of Dimes (Three Miracle babies)

Not only meeting new families & making new friends along my journey with photography; but also hearing their special stories, sharing their love & laughter & creating those precious memories, makes everything that much better. It is something I will cherish always.

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  1. Thank you for your meaningful tribute to our daughter, son-in-law, and precious grandchildren, Valerie. Your words, so beautifully written, mean a great deal to all of our family, and we can truly see that you value the lives of children and the importance of strong family relationships. May God bless you in your work (which I view as a calling!), and give you much joy as you continue to serve others with the gifts and abilities He's given you!


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